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How to easily create a beautiful logo in Word?

by Designer Reviewer

Have you ever thought that with the help of Word can also create a logo?

If we consider this program as a tool for the creation of the logo, you should pay attention to the five facts about MS Word, which can be considered its benefits.

Five facts about Microsoft Word, which can be attributed to his advantage:


  • The program is widespread and familiar to most computer users, so learn how to do something in the program easier.

  • Provides a lot of tools that allow you to work with both text and image.

  • Allows the use of the very page of the document as a canvas on which you can move the pieces, and the SmartArt icon.

  • It is easy to combine text with an image or figure in the holistic image.

  • Created in the Document of the logo, you can use immediately, thereby forming a letterhead.

Given the available tools in Word, the easiest way to make a text logo, picking up a beautiful font. But apart from that, you can use insert text into different shapes, and use the WordArt, to add additional elements to use a variety of textures and backgrounds. And if you show creativity and diligence, the logo can turn out very original.

It would simply connect and add up the different shapes and text, but in the end, it may turn out a comprehensive good logo.

Create the logo in Word, step by step.

Let’s look at step by step and try to create just such a logo, as shown below, in the Word.

So first run Word, we will use the version of 2016 g.

To enable more convenient grid c markings to help align the elements of the logo.

Open a new document. Go to the View tab, and then tick the “line”, “Grid”.

Now select the tab insert, move to and select the hexagon shapes.

It is better to pre-select the color, so if you need to change the fill color. We will change the default blue to black.

Next, you need to put two hexagons on each other. For this purpose, create a copy of a hexagon, first click on the hexagon, then on the right mouse button, then choose Copy. Move the figure, you can use the mouse. Slightly reduces the internal hexagon. Usually, all pieces have a stroke by a solid line, so click on the hexagon, that inside, and make the thickness of the line of his massive stroke more. Also, change the line color to white.
For further convenience, should be grouped two figures by pressing the right mouse button.
the same way through the figures inserts the option to add two horizontal lines, which run parallel.

< / a>

Now you can add the company name using the text box. you can put text inside the figures created and under the figure or near.
In this case, write the name inside the shape.

In the text box, you can choose the font , which is an important element of the logo, also pay attention to the color of the font so that it is harmoniously combined with the icon.

It is important to make a transparent background text figures and remove the stroke of the block.


Next, using the same insert figures add pieces that will help us to draw a cup under the name.

Let’s add a curved line above the name to give the dish more grace.
In the end it is desirable to select all the elements of the logo and group them so that in the case of the logo move, he moved as a complete image and all the details were kept in their place.

The logo is ready! As you can see, even with the help of Word, you can create a good logo.

Video instructions on how to make a logo in Word

In addition, the network has some remarkable video, which shows that if you want, you can paint almost any logo in the Word.

For greater clarity, another video.

How can I use the logo created in Word?

The logo can be used in the header or footer for your letterhead. That is, you can easily create a form of organization in Word logo.
If necessary, you can make votermark logo of your document in Word.
When there is a need to use the logo not only in Word, you can copy it, move For example, in Paint or Paint.NET, then to save in JPG, PNG formats.

There are other ways to remove the image from a Word file or convert the file to a different format, for example, convert online, you can try here .

Or, convert Word to PDF, for example:


After that, you can use it on your website, YouTube channel, social networks, etc.

If you still can not create a logo by means of Word, try online logo generator, for example, .

Of course, someone a way to create logos may seem complicated and exhausting.
In this case, try to make a logo online with , this generator will provide a logo for your company in a few minutes, because the process of creating the logo is quite simple and fun.

Want to try? Then just go to the wizard for creating logos here and pick up for themselves an interesting design.




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How to share with colleagues logo

by Designer Reviewer

By creating a logo, it is not easy to independently assess it. Before you pay for a logo stored there is a desire to consult with friends, colleagues or just throw on a wall in the social network for general discussion.


  1. Share the logo created in the new version of the site

  3. Share the logo, created in the old version of the site

How to share the logo created in the new version of the site

1. Log in to your personal account on the site and select the logo you want to share.

2. Click “View”.

3. & nbsp; Click “Share Your Logo”

4. & nbsp; Now that you have activated Schering function, click on the icon “Copy” , to copy the link on the logo and send user a personal message.

5. & nbsp; Or click on one of the icons of social networks: Facebook, VKontakte, linkedin, pinterest to share a link to a brand with friends. Users will be able to open the link in a browser and see the logo on the real objects.


How to share the logo, created in the old version of the site

1. Go to the personal account on website.

2. Logo on the page you will see the icon “share this logo”, clicking on which you will open a new window with 2 links.

This icon is also present near every logo created earlier in the list of your designs.

3. Copy the URL and send it in a message to friends and colleagues.
clicking on the link, they will be able to see your logo on site.
You can also spread the logo in social networks using the icons respectively.

We hope this feature will be useful to you and easier use of the service. Create your own logos on and share them with your friends, it’s very simple.




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How to create a logo jewelry company: advice and tips

by Designer Reviewer

1. Other useful recommendations

The logo for the jewelry business, as a rule, should be simple, concise, it must transmit confidence to be out of time, to inspire and encourage the purchase of jewelry.

Branding for the jewelry company is very important because this is what you have to offer as a whole, in addition to goods. This applies to customer service awareness, perceived value of jewelry, targeting a specific audience.

Before you begin work on the logo and the brand in general, take note of a few ideas:


  • Try to visually stand out. It’s not just about the logo, which can help you to become recognizable on the market. Think also about the materials and colors that you want to use to promote your jewelery. Reflect on the material from which will be your business cards, labels for jewelery, packaging, etc .. For example, turquoise box with a satin white bow Tiffany can not be confused with another brand.

< / a>


  • Think about the feeling of your company should cause potential customers , with what you want it to be associated.

  • Position yourself correctly, wisely Ask yourself. “Why should people buy from you decorate it?” Maybe you can catch the customers that are using some special polishing stones, in a special pack products, or you can create a unique decoration buyer designs?

1. How to choose an icon for the jeweler

Jewelery intertwined with many feelings, associations, such as: love, romance, family, tradition, style and self-expression. Choosing the right images for your jewelry business can seem almost impossible task. To make it easier to start creating your logo, you need to decide on what exactly your business is focused. Your salon specializes in the creation and sale of wedding rings and jewelry and fashion products? Luxurious collection of jewelry or trinkets simple? Perhaps you are focusing on vintage or hendmeyd jewelry? Or do service and repair?

From the specifics of your business depends on the choice of icons for a logo that will represent your customers and apart from the competition.

What kind of icons to choose?

Selecting the icon depends on what audience you are targeting what you want to tell her about yourself, how you position yourself in the market:


  • An excellent option could be a diamond or any other gemstone. You can take it as a basis for your logo.

  • The image ornaments such as necklace, ring, earring, pendant et al., Can be safely used as an icon.

  • Use the beauty of nature in order to create a logo. Jewelry company without doubt can choose colors, butterflies, etc.

  • The geometric elements. If you are not attracted to the examples above, try to include your logo geometric shapes, lines.

  • Alternatively, you can just come up with a beautiful monogram.

There is no doubt, a beautiful inscription can be your logo and without the use of icons. But in this case, the font must be really well matched.

In order to create a jewelry company logo, using an online service , you need to enter the name of your business and select the category “Art, Fashion”. Of the proposed you a logo, you can choose the one that suits you and liked most of all.

Also, use the search icon to find any particular item. Keywords can be entered in English and Russian languages.

Keywords to search for icons: jewelry, ring, wedding ring, stone, gold, gold, diamonds, diamond, precious, treasure, decoration, silhouette, feminine, femininity, woman, silhouette, crown, luxury, beauty, crystal, diamond, etc.

2. How to choose the color

Color is one of the main components of the logo for jewelry. If we talk about the primary colors, it is necessary to take into account that this business is mainly adheres to the calm, noble colors and shades. If you do hendmeyd decorations, bright colors are ideal for logos. The choice of colors, as well as the choice of icons depends on the position and your audience.

The most common colors for the logo yuvelirki appear black, as the personification of elegance, glamor, sophistication, and white, which is associated with purity, nobility, gentleness. Of course, gold and silver colors blend harmoniously with the jewelry business. Bright colors, such as red, green or blue, can be used as an accent, which will only accentuate your brand or shop. As well as these colors can be associated with certain gems.
More to the values ​​of each color can be found here .


By creating a logo with the online service , you can specify any color, simply enter HEX-code in the appropriate line, or simply select a color using the cursor.

Or, choose a color scheme in the second step of creating a logo by clicking the “Edit Settings».

3. What font to choose

Creating jewelry company logo, you need to take into account the specifics of your business and the qualities that you want to highlight how key. For example, handwritten fonts accentuate elegance and certainly suitable for salon bridal jewelry. Minimalist fonts, without flourishes and serifs, suited to modern, young brand. And of course, the traditional fonts, such as Serif, will be an excellent choice for a logo of any jewelry business. It is important to remember that the font should also be combined with an icon.

Below you can find some important guidelines and criteria that must be considered when choosing the font.


  • The readability. An inscription in the logo should be clear and readable at any size, be it a billboard or business card.


  • Harmony. Pick a font that will be combined perfectly with your icon.


  • Simplicity. Of course, the jewelry company logo handwritten fonts are relevant, but you must be careful not to overdo it and not to choose too complicated font with lots of curls. This can lead to what your label becomes illegible and unreadable. In order to get acquainted with the text selection criteria, read the article ” How to choose the right font for logo “.

4. Other useful tips

Use no more than two fonts.

Avoid sets small parts, the logo should be simple and memorable.

Do not use a rainbow of colors in the logo , remember that jewelry company logo should look elegant, and inspire confidence. Select up to 3 colors.

Save your logo in vector format , so as not to lose its quality.

as a result, we can note that the correct, well thought out logo can not only help attract new customers, but also to identify you from the competition. you can create a great logo on their own by following the above guidelines to create a logo for the jewelry company. And the online service greatly simplify this process.

Look at what logos jewelry brand can be created using our service




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Infographics. How to create a logo? – 6 Ways

by Designer Reviewer

You are going to open his own firm, but do not know where you can get a logo for it? We have prepared for you & nbsp; infographic, & nbsp; which is described 6 ways to logo creation



Read & nbsp; the article with a more detailed description can be here




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45 beautiful logos for inspiration

by Designer Reviewer


  1. How to invent logo

  3. basic rules for creating logos

  5. 45 ideas for a logo

you think to create a logo snap? Think hard. Create a visual image of brand – it’s not just enter the company name in a square or circle. A good logo should best represent your company. The logo is not the place random elements, because its purpose – to tell potential customers about who you are and what you do. Competent logo designer is now in the price, and this is no accident. The logo forms the first impression of your business, which affects the ratio of customers to the brand, and their decision to purchase your product or service.

How to come up with creative logo

If you feel that your creative powers exhausted and interesting ideas bypass your side, do not despair. Here are some tips that will help you correct the situation:


  • Take a walk on thematic sites

It does not necessarily have to be the sites of the design of the logo, because the Internet a huge number of useful resources with unique content. Look for inspiration anywhere. For example, on sites dedicated to photography. Beautiful, original images will help to awaken your imagination and direct the course of your thoughts in the right direction.


  • Learn from others

Working on the logo for the restaurant? Then be sure to look at the patterns & nbsp; the best restaurants (especially those that specialize in the same kitchen). Designing a logo for a major financial services company? See how other designers to put their ideas on this topic. Here we are not talking about how to copy the ideas of others. Your task – to check which ideas have not yet been implemented



  • Get to know the company closer

Get to know the company’s development history. What factors played a key role in it? Understand what is the mission, vision and values ​​of the company. What it seeks and what principles guide? Examine the company’s approach to the organization of work processes and customer service. What her clients see your company? This information will help you to identify the characteristic of business symbols. Placed on the logo, those characters will tell the target audience of the company.


  • Nothing complicated

Just take pen and paper and draw whatever comes to mind. When you start to think too much, and to complicate, to interesting ideas powers simply does not remain. When you relax, your hand is not held back by thoughts, simply prints the line. Your subconscious starts the creative process, and one of those “accidental” lines can be decisive for your future logo and, accordingly, all of the brand.


  • Rest

to make a pause. If you work too hard and thinking, your brain gets tired quickly. And from a tired brain can not expect original ideas. Of course, here you can remember how once a brilliant thought came to you after a few sleepless nights. But if you give your mind and body a chance to “reboot” that will then be able to work more productively.

Well, it added inspiration? Then let’s start creating the logo.

basic rules for creating logos

Here are a few simple rules that will help you create effective, memorable logo that will successfully cope with the tasks assigned to it.
Keep in mind the simplicity
include in its logo too much detail you risk being misunderstood by the audience. Remember that the company will reduce the logo to place it, for example, on a key chain or letterhead. In this case, an overloaded elements template turn into a spot where nothing could make out.

relevant topics brand
What associations come to your mind when you think of the aquarium? Most likely, it will be blue, dolphin, whale, and similar concepts. If the logo of the Aquarium accommodate a monkey or a zebra, it will not cause nothing but confusion. Remember that all the elements of your logo should correspond to the topics of the brand and reflect its scope, goals and values.


Color plays a crucial
Choosing a color palette, you have to constantly keep in mind the image of the brand and the main qualities that characterize it. For example, the bright and bold colors effectively attract attention, but it may seem harsh; muted tones create a complex, interesting image, but may go unnoticed. Each color carries a certain connotation. Decorate emblem “occasional” color, you risk form the audience the wrong impression about the brand.
Select font
Choose the appropriate optimal font size is not as easy as it seems.
If your logo is a text, cooki vtes try hundreds of fonts to choose the best.
Experiment with fonts with serifs and without, as well as manuscript, italic, and bold. Do not forget about the custom fonts.

When choosing a font for your logo should consider three important points:


  • Avoid popular fonts (for example, Comic Sans), or your logo will look unprofessional, and the audience will not be able to take it seriously.

  • Make sure your font (especially if it is handwritten) remains readable even in a reduced form.

  • Limit one print, the maximum -. Two

Consider the use of a custom font. The original font will help your brand stand out from other companies. Successful examples can serve as emblems of giants such as Yahoo !, Twitter, and Coca Cola.

Also, we have collected 30 free and beautiful fonts < / a> for the logo.

Do not be afraid to experiment
If all the banks in your area are using their logos on a golden color, it does not mean that you should do the same. No need to copy the best logos of companies in your industry. If the posters of other confectionery are often found picture rolling pin, you do not need to blindly follow the trend. Do not be afraid to experiment and go their own way.

Use the resources and online tools
If you are looking for inspiration, help or cooperation opportunities, you’ll find it all on the Internet.

You probably know from personal experience, if you first look for a little inspiration, then start a tricky business becomes much easier. We advise you to delve into the vast collection of logos on Logopond known site.

If you want to create an emblem of their own, we recommend you the best generator logos. This tool will help you generate an interesting logo in just a few minutes. You only need to specify the name of your company and the industry. Service will offer you dozens of beautiful icons. Select whichever option and download it to your computer. Or edit the color, text, icons and layout, until you see a logo on the screen of your dreams. offers several versions of the logo for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+). Moreover, the website you can create a card or envelope with your new logo. With create a professional logo can each. It does not require any special knowledge and skills!

45 ideas for


If you decide to make a truly high-quality logo, ready to devote to this task a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you should be aware of the latest trends in design. The emblem is the main corporate style of your company that affects the perception of your brand’s audience. A good logo should be like and easy to remember, so that your potential customers want to come back to your site. We have collected for 45 original logos that definitely deserve your attention. We hope that they will inspire you to create your own masterpiece.





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30 best free fonts for logo

by Designer Reviewer

here .

Ideally it should be created specifically for your project. But if you liked the existing one, make sure to acquire a permit for its use. If you are looking for the path of least resistance, we advise you to pay attention to the free fonts that can be downloaded online. Firstly, you do not have to pay for their use of the & nbsp; for commercial purposes. This is the best option for businesses with modest budgets & nbsp;. And secondly, Free Fonts is a tremendous diversity. In this article we have compiled the top 30 fonts that can be used for free. To examine, consult with colleagues, download and install your favorite options. And if you decide to use any of these fonts on your logo, be sure to share with us the results! Helpful tips and advice on creating a logo you can find here .

Most of the options in the list are free, but still better to be safe and to read the terms of use.


class humanist font without serif, slightly reminiscent of the grotesque. Versatile in use. It has 5 degrees of saturation. Bright and bold versions are available for free!


Qanelas Soft – modern, beautiful, & nbsp; sans serif and sloping geometry. It is softer, “friendly” version of the family Qanelas.


Beautiful rusky font with lots of glyphs and symbols.


rectangular serifs give Trocchi laid-back, easy look. Trocchi perfect for both text and graphic objects. It got its name in honor of the Scottish writer Alexander Trokki.


Bebas Neue this family of sans serif, based on the original free font Bebas Neue authorship Ruichi Tsunekava (Ryoichi Tsunekawa). He gained immense popularity, earned the nickname “the new Helvetica font among the free.” Due to the design team of Fontfabric family gets four new species – a thin, light, and normal book. They are the new degrees of saturation are faithful Bebas style: it’s the same simple lines and elegant forms and the combination of technical directness to clear each heat. Ideal options for screen and print, commercial and artistic use.


Vast – Victorian advertising with straight notches. Creates a sense of reliability and integrity, with a touch of elegance.


Compressed geometric sans serif font with capital letters, small capital letters, numbers and various symbols. Designed by Jamie Wilson (Jamie Wilson).


New decorative grotesque, resembling a combination of Art Deco and constructivism. Poiret is a unique font, featuring ease, purity and elegance. It is based on geometric shapes, stylish lines and graceful contours. Large signs, tags, titles, headings, any graphics on the web, animated graphics, printing (T-shirts, posters, logos, etc.) – the scope of the huge



Aileron is an excellent example of the beautiful (and free!) sans-serif font. Its creation was inspired by the style of Helvetica. Nevertheless, the author was able to realize his artistic vision, giving it more roundness.


interesting font that you can appreciate the logo Facebook.


Gentona this font class neo-grotesque, sans-serif. It was created by designer Rene Bideru (René Bieder).


Rambla is a humanist font class, which seemed designed for medium-sized text.


pronounced serifs and bold strokes. A large amount of it is elegant and easy to read at the same time, and with a decrease in gains rhythm.


Hipstelvetica this experimental family is designed for the individual project. The inspiration for the creation of this family again served as the legendary Helvetica.


interestno futuristic by Zoki Design



handwritten (calligraphy) font, with whom your work will look at the same time bold and charming. A great option for both personal and commercial projects. It will look good on a variety of media – T-shirts, stationery, posters, badges, etc.



MAXWELL – versatile, it is suitable for virtually any purpose. It is used to print, screen, animation, as well as titles, text, logos, etc.


This beautiful font once flaunted on the Google logo



Fibre this Vintage handwritten font. There are no two identical characters: each character has its own noise. Kerning and metrics for maximum ease of reading, which only can be achieved exclusively in capital letters.


Humblle rought a modern vintage font, which is due to their visual imperfections looks the most natural. It includes numbers, special characters, symbols, as well as a large selection of stylistic alternatives.


Casual – completely free, it can be safely used in a variety of commercial projects

22. BRUX

bRUX a stylish, bold and full of life font. The ideal option for both print and digital projects. Will give a special character to your work.


Andis will look equally well in the texts of different sizes



fresh and optimistic. Sans serif with soft, rounded characters.


Okomito is a fine example of a sans serif. He carries the functionality, reliability and courage.


Coves is a free font with normal contours. Feel free to use it for both titles, as well as for logos. It has two degrees of saturation: bright and bold


27. FELA

It includes alternate glyphs with a special automatic font style, as well as a large selection of characters for different languages ​​and icons.


This modern font is available in two versions (normal and rough) and has six degrees of saturation



dense geometric sans serif font with capital letters, small capital letters, numbers and various symbols. Supports & nbsp; Cyrillic and Latin alphabet



Peace Sans give your text a harmony and softness. He is completely free, so use it at your pleasure!

Now try to create your own logo using .




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I need 2 logo and 2 small, what tariff should I choose?

by Designer Reviewer

We offer several options.
Let’s look at the pros and cons.

The first version

Select the cheapest rate «Subscription – 2 downloads per month for 9.99 $».
Thus, after the first payment you are entitled to download 2, for example, a logo and a business card.
month later, after the automatic payment of the second, will be available for download 2 other products.


can unsubscribe if this is enough. It can be resumed at any time.

Let’s calculate the value of
$ 9.99 for the first month (2 download) and $ 9.99 -. For the second (2 downloads). Total – $ 19.98 4 Download
But you lose time, because will have to wait a whole month before the next payment and, accordingly, download


The second option

Create two accounts at once with a subscription to the cheapest tariff «Subscription – 2 downloads per month for 9.99 $»


After payment, you can create and download a logo and business card in the first account and the second.


So you are for the same $ 19.98 will be entitled to 4 download, but it is much faster than the first version.
However, with logos and business cards are in different accounts, making it difficult to work and to create additional inconvenience.

The third option

Select the rate «Subscription – 12 downloads 6 Months 29.99 $» .

As soon will be available all 4 files (2 logos and 2 small), also 8 downloads will be left for envelopes, or other logos and business cards. It is worth mentioning that at any time you can cancel the automatic membership, if in the foreseeable future will require new download.


This is the most rapid and convenient option, providing freedom of choice. So you will not only need 4 files, but also additional 8.

This is especially useful if you plan to rework the logo.

The only drawback of this option – the cost. It is slightly higher than the previous two options, namely -. 29.99 $

Which solution is right for you? Choose!




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