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How to share with colleagues logo

by Designer Reviewer

By creating a logo, it is not easy to independently assess it. Before you pay for a logo stored there is a desire to consult with friends, colleagues or just throw on a wall in the social network for general discussion.


  1. Share the logo created in the new version of the site

  3. Share the logo, created in the old version of the site

How to share the logo created in the new version of the site

1. Log in to your personal account on the site and select the logo you want to share.

2. Click “View”.

3. & nbsp; Click “Share Your Logo”

4. & nbsp; Now that you have activated Schering function, click on the icon “Copy” , to copy the link on the logo and send user a personal message.

5. & nbsp; Or click on one of the icons of social networks: Facebook, VKontakte, linkedin, pinterest to share a link to a brand with friends. Users will be able to open the link in a browser and see the logo on the real objects.


How to share the logo, created in the old version of the site

1. Go to the personal account on website.

2. Logo on the page you will see the icon “share this logo”, clicking on which you will open a new window with 2 links.

This icon is also present near every logo created earlier in the list of your designs.

3. Copy the URL and send it in a message to friends and colleagues.
clicking on the link, they will be able to see your logo on site.
You can also spread the logo in social networks using the icons respectively.

We hope this feature will be useful to you and easier use of the service. Create your own logos on and share them with your friends, it’s very simple.




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How to easily create a beautiful logo in Word?

by Designer Reviewer

Have you ever thought that with the help of Word can also create a logo?

If we consider this program as a tool for the creation of the logo, you should pay attention to the five facts about MS Word, which can be considered its benefits.

Five facts about Microsoft Word, which can be attributed to his advantage:


  • The program is widespread and familiar to most computer users, so learn how to do something in the program easier.

  • Provides a lot of tools that allow you to work with both text and image.

  • Allows the use of the very page of the document as a canvas on which you can move the pieces, and the SmartArt icon.

  • It is easy to combine text with an image or figure in the holistic image.

  • Created in the Document of the logo, you can use immediately, thereby forming a letterhead.

Given the available tools in Word, the easiest way to make a text logo, picking up a beautiful font. But apart from that, you can use insert text into different shapes, and use the WordArt, to add additional elements to use a variety of textures and backgrounds. And if you show creativity and diligence, the logo can turn out very original.

It would simply connect and add up the different shapes and text, but in the end, it may turn out a comprehensive good logo.

Create the logo in Word, step by step.

Let’s look at step by step and try to create just such a logo, as shown below, in the Word.

So first run Word, we will use the version of 2016 g.

To enable more convenient grid c markings to help align the elements of the logo.

Open a new document. Go to the View tab, and then tick the “line”, “Grid”.

Now select the tab insert, move to and select the hexagon shapes.

It is better to pre-select the color, so if you need to change the fill color. We will change the default blue to black.

Next, you need to put two hexagons on each other. For this purpose, create a copy of a hexagon, first click on the hexagon, then on the right mouse button, then choose Copy. Move the figure, you can use the mouse. Slightly reduces the internal hexagon. Usually, all pieces have a stroke by a solid line, so click on the hexagon, that inside, and make the thickness of the line of his massive stroke more. Also, change the line color to white.
For further convenience, should be grouped two figures by pressing the right mouse button.
the same way through the figures inserts the option to add two horizontal lines, which run parallel.

< / a>

Now you can add the company name using the text box. you can put text inside the figures created and under the figure or near.
In this case, write the name inside the shape.

In the text box, you can choose the font , which is an important element of the logo, also pay attention to the color of the font so that it is harmoniously combined with the icon.

It is important to make a transparent background text figures and remove the stroke of the block.


Next, using the same insert figures add pieces that will help us to draw a cup under the name.

Let’s add a curved line above the name to give the dish more grace.
In the end it is desirable to select all the elements of the logo and group them so that in the case of the logo move, he moved as a complete image and all the details were kept in their place.

The logo is ready! As you can see, even with the help of Word, you can create a good logo.

Video instructions on how to make a logo in Word

In addition, the network has some remarkable video, which shows that if you want, you can paint almost any logo in the Word.

For greater clarity, another video.

How can I use the logo created in Word?

The logo can be used in the header or footer for your letterhead. That is, you can easily create a form of organization in Word logo.
If necessary, you can make votermark logo of your document in Word.
When there is a need to use the logo not only in Word, you can copy it, move For example, in Paint or Paint.NET, then to save in JPG, PNG formats.

There are other ways to remove the image from a Word file or convert the file to a different format, for example, convert online, you can try here .

Or, convert Word to PDF, for example:


After that, you can use it on your website, YouTube channel, social networks, etc.

If you still can not create a logo by means of Word, try online logo generator, for example, .

Of course, someone a way to create logos may seem complicated and exhausting.
In this case, try to make a logo online with , this generator will provide a logo for your company in a few minutes, because the process of creating the logo is quite simple and fun.

Want to try? Then just go to the wizard for creating logos here and pick up for themselves an interesting design.




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PNG format: the features, advantages and disadvantages.

by Designer Reviewer

In PNG today (Portable Network Graphics) is one of the most popular raster formats in Web graphics. In 1995, at a conference Usenet was asked to develop an alternative to the then popular format GIF, a license is required to use it. The main task was to create a new format is more flexible and free from patents. So there was a PNG, which unofficially stands for “PNG IS NOT A GIF”.


in brief format, we have already mentioned in this
article , now examine the pros and cons of the format in more detail:

The advantages and disadvantages.

– minimum loss during compression. The image quality does not change under any compression;
– handy for storing intermediate versions of the image. When Overstore no quality is lost;
– supports a large number of colors. PNG-8 (256 colors) and PNG-24 (about 16.7 million colors.);
– support multilevel transparency. Use the method that is called an alpha channel. In the image there are 256 levels of opacity from fully opaque to fully transparent;
– to work with layers;
– the ability to add the date in the meta-file (if necessary secure the copyright);
– small file sizes <. / p>

– no support for animation;
– is ill-suited for use with full-color images;
– can not store multiple images in one file;

It becomes clear what caused .png format popular among web designers.
This is the only format that allows you to obtain images with a transparent background. For example, it is very important when creating logos – they often require the presence of a transparent background.


Where to use?

In addition to the logo, this format is used when creating the elements of navigation pages, engravings, lithographs, texts, drawings, images with sharp edges. In short, wherever necessary transparency, good compression, the details and clear picture border.

In the next articles we will look at features and .svg vector format .pdf




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