Top Online Logo Design Contest Websites Comparison

by design
  • Package selected
  • Only pro designers
  • Private or blind contests
    This means designers cant see each other’s work - it leads to less copying and more creativity. Some sites allow it, and others have it as a standard. Our advice? Make sure your contest is blind!
  • Estimated # of designs
    Remember 1 good design is better than 20 mediocre ones
  • Quality of designs
    We launched different contests with all platforms, and sat down with a team of design experts to judge the quality. This was our score.
"Lots of designs"
$799Logo Design
  • gold package
  • (only on gold pack)
    Only on the Gold Package & up better designers are offered
  • (but not first project)
    They only allow a blind competition once you have worked with 99Designs before
  • 90
    We felt a little overwhelmed by the number of designs that were presented, and were slightly dissapointed by the number of decent quality designs
"Great quality"
Our Choice
$479Logo Design
  • 10 designs
  • 10+
    You can eliminate designs you don't like, which means that that spot 'opens up' again for other designers. We ended up getting 15 designs for the same price.
"too many"
$429Logo Design
  • their popular package
  • (extra $150)
    Yet another upsell...
  • 90
    We felt a little overwhelmed by the number of designs that were presented, and were slightly dissapointed by the number of decent quality designs
"ok- service"
$499Logo Design
  • gold package
  • (extra $199)
    Yet another upsell...
  • (extra $49)
  • 50
"getting there"
$599Logo Design
  • executive package
  • 60

Fair Review of Best Online Logo Contest Websites

Unbiased review of logo contest sites

Many reviews have been made of several logo contest crowdsourcing websites, however, we wanted to keep one main question in mind:

“Where do I get the best quality logo designers?”

When we set out researching all the different logo design contest websites, we noticed that many user reviews commented on the quality of the logo designs and the quality of the (non-professional) designers.

This is why in this logo contest sites review we have only included packages that include a selection of ‘better quality logo designers’.

Best Business Logo Design Contest Website: DesignBro

Our conclusion was that many logo contest sites were charging extra in order to get ‘a better quality designer’. At DesignBro it seems that this is a standard service- in other words, they simply don’t offer cheaper (and in our opinion lower quality) alternatives.

Obvious elephant in the room is their choice to only show ’10 designs’. When we tried out their logo cotest we found that 10 designs were more than enough choice, especially as we actually received 10 high-quality logo designs- this was better than what we expected.

With such great work, it ended up being quite a tough choice to have to pick our winner in the end.

Logo Design Contest Website Runner up: 99Designs

The experience with 99Designs was different. There were quite a large number of logo designs (as the name does suggest). We had quite a difficult time (but better than Designcrowd, Designhill and Crowdspring), going through these designs, and to provide feedback on them.

We noticed that some of the logo designers were starting to get ‘inspired’ from other designer’s work, which in our case wasn’t what we wanted. However, from the approximately 80 designs, 3 or 4 were of a professional standard. We were happy with the final result, but it took us more effort.

Number of logo designs

Let’s be honest- the number of designs is not the most important metric.

After all, you will just use 1 in the end, so theoretically, as long as only 1 design is being made, and it’s really great- the job is done. However, it does indicate how much work you have to go through, because in the end- you will need to provide feedback.

That being said, it hinges heavily on the quality of the designers.

Quality of logo designs

Quality is the single most important metric for us. It’s also the most subjective, but when you discuss quality with experienced designers- it’s surprising how many agree with one another.

Private or blind logo design contests

In our opinion- this is a requirement.

When designers (who are competing to get paid) see each other’s work, it could lead to bad habits like copying, which in turn leads to lower diversity, lower creativity, and affects the quality.